Today in the city Whittier 22.01.2019
Water Boil Order Issued for System in Pushmataha County

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is advising users of the Sardis Lake Water Authority in Pushmataha County to boil water before consuming it or to use bottled water.

The hidden danger of wildfires: toxic drinking water

At least 65 percent of the public water supply in the Western U.S. comes from fire-prone areas, and wildfires can taint water with toxins and parasites.

Weather Channel App Accused of Selling Users' Personal Data

Los Angeles prosecutors say they've sued the operator of The Weather Channel app to stop it from tracking the whereabouts of users and selling the data to third parties.

L.A. is suing IBM for illegally gathering and selling user data through its Weather Channel app

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office alleges in a lawsuit that a subsidiary of IBM deceptively mined the private location data of users of the Weather Channel app and sold it to advertising and mark...

NYC Street Collapse Triggers Gas Line and Water Main Breaks

A New York City street near a construction site has collapsed, puncturing a gas line and water main that sent debris flying into vehicles.

The Weather Channel sued over claims it sold location data from its app

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office issued a cloudy forecast with the possibility of civil penalties for the popular Weather Channel app Friday.

Will Gavin Newsom change the state's water course? Fish and farmers will soon find out

In the final weeks of Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration, his appointees on a state board ordered some powerful water districts to cut their historic river diversions to protect endangered salmon popul...

A Moonshot for Solving America’s Water Crisis

A government-funded five-year, $100 million effort to develop technologies around water desalination is seen as the best hope in generations for making the technology accessible.

Some Android apps share data with Facebook, regardless of whether you have an account or not

Some Android apps are sending data to Facebook, regardless of whether users have an account on the social network or not, new research warns.

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